History Page

Let’s record our progress so we all know where we are.


September 17,2020 Ed finished adding the line items for the remittance form. Chrissy or Laura === The next thing to do is update the Product Title to match the spreadsheet lines that were made simple for the permlink. 

September 1 2020 Ed created this site because we do NOT know what we want. But we know what we need but not what it looks like…

So far Ed has created the store and added some products.

Ed has added several (3) no-cost variable (user-defined) price add-ons and eliminated 2 of them

Your login has been added and you have changed your password to your own.

Goal: Play with the Store. Experiment with maintaining the store. See what things look like, how they work, like them, and dislike them. All before we decide what and how to do.

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